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“Man have they delivered with their three Sold-Out shows last year! After seeing them perform at The Linsmore, we can confidently say that they are not just any Johnny Cash Tribute Band, they are the Best Johnny Cash Cover Band in Canada”.

Ryan Mangano
Owner, The Linsmore Tavern
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“If you closed your eyes and he started the set by saying ‘Hello, I’m Johnny Cash’, I think for one fleeting moment you would feel you just heard the voice of the Man in Black. His contagious banter on stage draws you in, and every now and then, when it gets more rockabilly than country, Rick Auiler tones it down with heartfelt ballads like the swan song of Cash, ‘Hurt’. (…) Covered in Cash is a great tribute to a great artist”.

Sandy Graham
Publisher at Cashbox Magazine Canada
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“The best Johnny Cash tribute I’ve ever seen. Incredible musicianship, showmanship, and energy”. Rick Auiler embodies Johnny Cash in voice and stage presence”.

Shawn Brady
Original Music Artist (Shawn Brady & The Northern Sons) and Frontman for both Elevation – The International U2 Tribute Show and Neon Nostalgic
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